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You can request the data that Google saves about you at  take­ In order to analyze that data here, select any number of the following supported Google products to download and analyse your data:

This is sensitive data! Therefore, this analysis takes place entirely on your device unless you specifically consent on a per-service basis.

How long will that take? For us, the download of the data listed above was ready within minutes, but it might take days for you, especially if you select more products. The archive you'll get might be gigabytes in size if you choose to download your Google Photos data, as it includes the photos. This analysis itself is only limited by your device's processing speed.

What you see here isn't all of your data. This Website focuses only on a few select Google products and does not evaluate their data completely. There will always be data we can't show you. Currently, our analysis focuses on location. Your location data could be linked to other data, like search history, facial recognition and your mood (with your photos).

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